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How to get the best out of your enterprise ecommerce platform? How to outrank your biggest rivals? Follow these 10 ecommerce marketing tips! 

Congratulation for choosing an ecommerce platform for your enterprise! Now is time for you to take advantage of the platform and get the best out of it.  You have already started selling your items and now you are looking for some tips that will help you sell even more. Don’t worry about a thing because you are in the right place.  We will show you how to outrank your biggest rivals by using your enterprise ecommerce platform and the features it offers.

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Ecommerce marketing is a little bit tricky area as it is challenging to find all important tips in one place. But, we have done the hard work for you and we will be guiding you on the way to marketing success:

  1. Create a content marketing strategy: Every ecommerce store needs a content marketing strategy. We suggest you write a list of the methods and strategies you plan on using to reach out to your potential customers. For example, you can write blog posts, create videos, newsletters, and much more. Once you are done with the list, check in with the strategy every month and evaluate how the content creation is going.
  2. Generate an email marketing campaign: We all know that email marketing is the foundation of effective ecommerce marketing strategies. Also, email marketing is one of the best methods for convincing your customers to purchase more. Make sure to use email marketing campaigns to remind your customers to visit your online store and don’t forget to send them helpful information about your products.
  3. Diversify your store with social media: Social media is a tough sell for online businesses since it is difficult to figure out which platform is best for you. Analyze and cut the social media platforms that don’t work for you. You need to determine which platforms are bringing you money. For starters, you can create Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, and Google Plus pages. Diversify your store by spreading content through these platforms and don’t forget to use social media tools to understand which platform works best.
  4. Consider a personalization strategy: Did you know that personalization is the best form of marketing? The idea is to brand your business with a person and use this person as the “face” of your brand. Every detail of personalization makes your shoppers feel special.
  5. Use a loyalty program: A loyalty program can bring people back to your store. Also, it makes your customers feel appreciated for purchasing your items.
  6. Automate the social networks: The truth is that not all social media content needs automation, however, after a while, you will discover that planning your social media strategy helps you save time and focus on other business tasks. Use your enterprise ecommerce platform and find a feature or app that will allow you to schedule your Facebook posts.
  7. Optimize for Mobile: Today, the online customers appreciate mobile responsiveness. They simply don’t want to open a different website just to see a mobile-friendly interface. We recommend you to consider implementing a mobile responsive interface so your customers can shop your items via devices like smartphones and tablets.

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