5 PHP-Based Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms to Consider for Your Store

Check out the 5 best PHP-based enterprise ecommerce platforms that can meet your business needs and help you create a customized store with minimal effort!

  PHP – one of the most popular programming languages today, empowering millions of websites, blogs, and web applications. PHP programing language has been used for demanding and complex projects including the creation of ecommerce platforms. One of the reasons why business owners choose PHP-based enterprise ecommerce platforms over fully hosted platforms is because they can create customized online stores with minimal effort and time (if you are PHP skillful, of course). With lots of options today, it might be difficult to choose the best platform for your website. To make things easier for you, we have selected the 5 best PHP-based enterprise ecommerce platforms to consider for your store:

  • Magento: Magento is always on top of the list due to its versatility, functionality, and scalability. This ecommerce platform powers some of the most popular stores in the world and it is the best choice when it comes to open-source ecommerce solutions. The Magento users have the option of choosing Enterprise or Enterprise Cloud Plan depending on their requirements.

  • OSCommerce: This is another platform that stands out among the best open source ecommerce platform due to the support of the developer community. The users of OSCommerce can benefit a lot, from free themes and add-ons to a vast amount of features and resources that can add functionality to their online store.
  • WooCommerce: This platform is supported by WordPress (PHP-powered platform and the best option if you are looking for a solution that is easy to customize and quick to set up). WooCommerce is available as a plugin and can convert your WordPress website into an optimized online shopping cart. With great plugins, themes, and extensions available, WooCommerce significantly simplifies the custom store building process.
  • PrestaShop: Mobile-friendly and out-of-the-box ecommerce platform that provides professional templates and over 60 languages. This highly versatile ecommerce platform is perfect for large-scale stores.
  • ZenCart: This platform comes with lots of features that can help you set up and design a store within a minimal effort and time. It supports multiple currencies, languages, and shipping options making the platform perfect for stores looking to sell internationally.

These are the best PHP-based ecommerce platforms you can build your business on. If you are a beginner and not PHP-skillful, we recommend you to consider fully-hosted or SaaS platforms instead.