Why Big Brands and Merchants Are Moving to Shopify Plus Scalable Software

Why are so many businesses, brands, and stores making the switch to Shopify Plus? Read and discover what all the fuss is about!


Any online business and brand know that an optimized online store is crucial to ecommerce success. The online stores who drive the highest ROI and best shopping experience are those that use affordable, smart, and scalable ecommerce software.

The ecommerce industry has been dominated by a few scalable ecommerce solutions but recently Shopify began to attract merchants with its power, ease-of-use, an advanced set of features, and flexibility. Shopify is used by 600.000 stores and has facilitated over $35 billion worth of transactions. Impressive, right?

The platform has launched Shopify Plus, which is an enterprise-version of Shopify and offers big players an extra layer of services and professional expertise.

Shopify Plus scalable software is a great fit for established and new stores alike. Using Shopify means a better and more manageable way to run your online store and less technical worries. Shopify handles web hosting, website performance, and scaling meaning you are dealing with just one platform that is accountable for all these 3 important areas. This is a huge advantage in today’s competitive ecommerce world.

With too many businesses, brands, and stores opting to replatorm to the best Shopify Plus, we thought about presenting you some of the advantages of the switch:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Shopify’s added support and functionality are competitively priced.
  • Shopify Plus allows you to scale and also be creative with promotions. Hiring a developer to help you out is not necessary.
  • The fully responsive website templates ensure that your online store is optimized and designed for mobile. The Responsive Checkout feature is free to all Shopify users and is one of the best features Shopify has to offer.
  • Whatever Shopify pricing plan you are using, you will never have to worry about a limit on how many products you can add to your store. Shopify stands for unlimited products and inventory.
  • Shopify tests every app, feature, and plugin before it gets presented to their marketplace. They make sure the apps and features are optimized and safe for use.
  • Supportive and knowledgeable community: There are Experts Directory and ecommerce forums where you can find technical and professional support.

The platform offers extensive APIs and limitless scalability, making it an excellent investment for larger companies and fast-growing brands.